Behind the Bandits

Meet our Running Sock October 05, 2017 17:00

As we have continued to grow and gain more customers, one piece of feedback that we kept hearing was the need for a performance running sock, and one that really understood a runners need. We too saw the need in the marketplace, and set-out to create something that would fit our customers need while staying true to the brand we're building as Neon Bandits. Over the past 6+ months we have been testing different materials, blends, and features to create what we believe to be an elite performance running sock.

We went through many rounds of samples by throwing them into the ultimate test scenario-- marathon training. Our co-founder (Dan) has been training for the Chicago Marathon (upcoming this weekend!), and he has been rigorously testing our prototypes on his training runs. Thanks to his feedback, in addition to some others within the running community in Boston, we are thrilled with the final product. 

Chicago Marathon

While we'll be launching this new running sock on our site in just a short while, we've developed a special one-of-a-kind sock for Dan to wear on race day this Sunday, paying homage to this renowned race. Don't want to miss out on the Neon Bandits performance running sock product drop and eager to #grabapair? Drop us a line, and we'll shoot you a quick note when the socks go live. 

Boston Children's Hospital, meet Neon Bandits July 27, 2017 11:17

For the past few months, we've been working along side the Partnership Team at Boston Children's Hospital to develop and design a custom sock for the Corporate Cup Challenge. The event is a field-day competition among some of the largest businesses in the city of Boston designed to raise money for the Boston Children's Hospital.  We can't totally say that our custom tubes lead the victor to the podium, but we can say that we were honored to partner and support this one-of-a-kind Boston-based institution. 

Boston Children's Hospital

These limited edition custom socks won't be available online and are only available through the Boston Children's Hospital Trust but we wanted to show off some of our fine work! 

Port City Brewing x Neon Bandits May 25, 2017 10:05

Many of you know Neon Bandits for our functional, comfortable and bold socks. But a little-known fact is that a large (and growing) part of our business comes from custom and collaborative socks. We have had the pleasure of working on a number of custom projects over the past few months. Some partners have done a custom colorway of an existing Neon Bandits design, while other partners have had us develop concepts from scratch.

We were excited when we first started talking with the Port City Brewing Company down in Virginia, and now with the final product in hand we could not be more proud of the final product. The sock that we collaborated on for PCBC is a modern take on an argyle sock and features two of the breweries prominent symbols, a pineapple (the symbol for hospitality) and a lighthouse. 

Known for their distinctive craft beers made only from top notch ingredients, this brewery has trophy-case full of awards (don’t believe us, just check out their site). And the only way you're going to get your feet on a pair of these socks is by visiting them. Go say hi, sip a brew and #grabapair at Port City Brewing. 

And stay tuned to the blog and our social channels to see some of the other custom projects that we are working on.  

Meet the New Additions April 14, 2017 12:10

The sun is (finally) out and signs of Spring are all around us-- baseball has started, the Boston Marathon is Monday and we've put away our winter boots... for the time being. But long before the weather took a positive turn, we started thinking about new styles for Spring. 

Earlier this week, we launched The Yardarm and The Monomoy, both named for the camp that Dan and I spent many summers growing up. Stay tuned for more of those stories... Yes, you'll notice their fresh designs and their bold colorways, but you should also notice that these two styles are available in two sizes! 


At Neon Bandits, we are listening and digesting your feedback. And size was something we were beginning to hear more often, as our consumer-base grew. Our newest styles are still offered in Neon Bandits original "one size" size, fitting men's shoe sizes 9-12, and are also now offered in a "medium" size, fitting men's shoe sizes 6-9. The latter size is perfect for tween, teen and many female feet. 

We're really excited about both-- the new socks AND the new size offering, and look forward to your feedback! 

We also can't wait to see where you take The Yardarm and The Monomoy this Spring and Summer, on all of your adventures. Be sure to tag your sock pics @neonbandits or use #grabapair so we can see how you sock it to 'um. 

Why being Knit-In Matters February 20, 2017 19:35

Before launching Neon Bandits in June of 2015, we spent over 18 months trying to find a factory partner that could produce the highest quality socks. We didn’t want just any socks to have our name on them; we wanted to make a quality sock that met (or exceeded) the durability and functionality of the largest brands in the space. And over the past year and a half, based on the feedback that we have received from customers, teams and partners, we have done just that.

A major point of differentiation (and one that us sock geeks love to boast about) between Neon Bandits and other socks, is that all of our socks feature knit-in design. When we create or develop a new style, or a custom design, we do just that—create and develop. All of our socks are built from the toe up via a process called circle stitching.

Points of difference

Having a sock that is knit-in means that everything from the yarn to the colors of the sock must be extremely well thought-out to translate into a design that is both functional and fun. Our designs compliment the structure of the sock. A couple of big perks of a knit-in sock? Knit-in socks maintain their structure and color—even with extreme wearing and washing.

The drawback? The development timeline of a knit-in sock is a bit more involved than a typical sock timeline, which does mean our lead-times for custom designs can run a little longer. The good news is that we’re always thinking ahead in terms of design and sampling, and continue to prioritize quality and customer satisfaction at the top of our list.

Thinking about a custom sock for your crew would be a great way to kick-off Spring and Summer? Us too!

Sock it to ‘um this Valentines Day February 06, 2017 16:00

You’ve been married forever, you’ve been dating for years or you just met on Tinder. Whatever your relationship status, say it with Neon Bandits this Valentines Day.

The Meadow

Now, we may be biased, but we’re strong believers that socks make the perfect gift. And here are five reasons why:

  1. You really can’t screw-up in the size department. Quit worrying about if someone will be offended if you get them their actual size (the whole world can’t be a Medium!) and buy them a pair of socks.
  1. They’re practical! Neon Bandits can be worn while working out or hanging out. If your date is a coach potato or CrossFit superstar, they’re going to find a need (and love) these socks.
  1. No special instructions required. You don’t need to water your socks. And they don’t need to be dry-cleaned. Wash and dry your Neon Bandits without worry of shrinking, color bleeding or pilling. Folding (or not folding) is on you.
  1. They won’t break the bank. And, now through Valentines Day, use promo code “Flowers” to add a pair of The Meadow to your cart for just $5.
  1. They’re easy to wrap. We needn’t say anymore.

Go on and #GrabAPair for whoever this Valentines Day! And we can assure you that every order is packed with love. Feel the Neon Bandits difference.

Shape up with Sam from Smug's Fitness January 02, 2017 13:28

As many of you get ready to get back into shape for the New Year, we had the opportunity to sit down with our friend Sam of Smugs Fitness down in Georgia to talk everything from fitness to fashion. Enjoy the interview and be sure to take down some of Sam's tips. 

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been a trainer for? 

I am originally from Bethlehem, PA, but moved to South Carolina in 2003 for graduate school and ultimately settled in Atlanta in 2007. I’ve been a coach and trainer for the past 8 years.

Tell us about Smugs Fitness- how long have you been around for? 

Smugs Fitness was founded (officially) in 2012, but was conceived back in 2008 while I was working as a chemistry teacher during the day and moonlighting as a trainer in the early mornings and evenings. Smugs Fitness specializes in Personal Training and Small Group Training at our facility in the Historic Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta and we also offer customized Corporate Wellness Programs to a variety of businesses in Atlanta.

Smugs Fitness

What is the most rewarding part of being a trainer? 

When a client is able to see. What I mean by see, is that the grasp the big picture and can simplify the major components of health (Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep and Stress) to fit their lifestyle and incorporate habits into their lives that will improve their ability to live a long, higher quality life.

What is an exercise (or training routine) that you are really digging right now?

I’ve been spending majority of my training sessions the past year in working with Kettlebells using the StrongFirst methodology. Kettlebells are a fantastic tool for building strong, muscular and athletic humans. I have found Kettlebell training to be the most efficient form of training to yield the desired outcomes I have been seeking.

If you only have 30 minutes to train each day, what would you recommend?

It may be a little redundant based on my previous answer, but I’d get a kettlebell and do a full body workout consisting of Turkish Getups, Swings, Presses, Squats, Cleans and Snatches. I often post full body workouts and kettlebell complexes to my YouTube Channel, Website, Instagram, and Facebook pages. With these 6 movements, you’ll build a lean, strong, and muscular body. Additionally, the possibilities of workouts are endless just using these 6 movements! You won’t get bored!



2016, the Year that Was December 18, 2016 19:56

Hard to believe that 2016 is almost a wrap. It’s been a fun year for Neon Bandits- one where we released a bunch of new styles, opened a number of new accounts, and met some great new friends.

Brick and Vine

So, what’s ahead of 2017? While we can’t give away all our secrets, here’s a sneak-peak of what’s ahead:

  • Expect to see Snaps like you have never seen before. Be sure to follow along (@NeonBandits) for a chance to win free swag.
  • We are going back to school (well sort of…) with a number of Neon Bandits campus reps that we have staffed up around the country.
  • Did you expect anything differently? New styles are in development.
  • New partners. Expect to see some of the fun custom work we’re doing amplified on our blog and social channels.

Anything you want to see? Drop us a line ( to let us know. 2017, we’re comin’ for ya.

#grabapair to #saveapair November 01, 2016 10:06

November is here which means a couple of things…

  • Men will be growing uncomfortable (and varying) amounts of lip lettuce.
  • Family and turkey time.
  • Holiday shopping officially kicks off with Black Friday sales.
  • You can #GrabAPair to #SaveAPair

That’s right friends, we are bringing back our #GrabAPair to #SaveAPair campaign this year! For the entire month of November, 30% of our online sales from will be donated to benefit Prostate Cancer research.

#grabapair to #saveapair

Our campaign is aimed at raising awareness and money to fight this disease, as close to 13% of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point on their life. Understanding risks, regular testing and early detection are key to standing up to this disease.

Whether you are looking to get a jump start on Holiday shopping, need a new pair of socks, or simply want to ‘do good’, keep in mind that when you #GrabAPair this month, you will be helping to #SaveAPair.  Go head, #grabapair. 

The Bright Approach to Halloween October 16, 2016 20:38

Halloween is just two weeks away and if you’re anything like us, we’d bet you haven’t figured out your costume just yet. In an effort to help, here are five costume options where Neon Bandits will help you steal the show:


  • Tom Cruise in Risky Business. All Scientology jokes aside, this costume is easy- peasy. Throw on an oversized dress shirt, fake Ray Bans and a pair of The Flip, and you have yourself a costume. 
  • A nerd. To pull of the nerd look, add some tape to your glasses, hike up your pants a little higher (held up at this height by suspenders, of course) and flash us The Ozz Mix under your pant leg.
  • Tourist. Though socks and sandals can be cool, to pull off this look, we would suggest a floral shirt, cargo shorts, The Ozz White with Birkenstocks and a fanny pack. And don’t forget to throw up the peace sign… all. night. long. 
  • American Ninja Warrior. Jon the Giant was caught wearing Neon Bandits during his American Ninja Warrior trial and final. To channel this look, all you need is a pair of gym shorts, a headband (let your hair rage) and a pair of The Loop! Cut-off tank optional. 
  • Richard Simmons. For this costume, really, anything goes. We would recommend patterned short shorts, a scoop neck tank top, a pair of The Buzz and all white tennis shoes. Be sure to stretch before going out in this costume, you’re likely to be prancing all night long.
Did you use this list as inspiration? Or have another costume that was accented by Neon Bandits? Send us your pictures ( to be featured on our Instagram, @neonbandits.

The Gant meets Neon Bandits August 22, 2016 18:01

Aspen Colorado and Neon Bandits. An active town meets and an active brand.

Known for its epic skiing and hiking, the town of Aspen is rich in history and culture. Settled as a mining town in the late 1800’s in conjunction with the Colorado Silver Boom, the town was later converted into a ski resort in the 1950’s and 60’s.


Not too long after Aspen started attracting skiers, The Gant opened its doors (in 1973 to be exact). Today the premier condominium resort is one of the most highly rated places to stay in Aspen due to its close proximity to all of the towns attractions and great amenities (including some great socks!). 

Besides custom Neon Bandits, one of the most unique services that The Gant has to offer are The Gant Vans. These vans are dedicated exclusively to guests of the resort- providing complimentary on-demand transportation anywhere in town (they became the first hotel property to offer an app to request the rides). The Gant Vans are so well known (and visible) throughout Aspen that a drinking game at local bars was created as a result.  If you’re at the bar and you see The Gant Van go by the window, everyone takes a drink!  If two Gant Vans cross each other at the same time, chug your drink! 

The Gant Aspen

This summer, Neon Bandits had the opportunity to team up with The Gant Aspen to create a pair of socks that are being given to VIP guests at the hotel. Of course, the socks are a perfect fit for all of Aspen’s activities—hiking, biking, and everything in-between. If you ever find yourself in Aspen, be sure to stop in and say hi to our pals. 

Taking you Behind the Scenes of The Buzz Photo Shoot July 11, 2016 10:49

Early in June we dropped it low with the launch of The Buzz. And to get some content, we put together a small but powerful squad to shoot in one of the most special places in Boston—a rooftop deck overlooking the city skyline.

Roof Top

Our friends at Surreal Sunglasses hooked us up for the shoot with some of their awesome new specs. Be sure to check out their new bamboo shades, in particular, which are bound to be a summer fav.


As always, we couldn’t have done it without our trusty photographer (and childhood friend), Madeline. Lady always shows up ready to go and to take our ideas to the next level, visually.


(No windows were broken while golfing off the roof deck!)

Have you had a chance to check out The Buzz? Be sure to #grabapair and then send us pictures as they adorn your legs throughout your summer adventures! We’ll be waiting!

Drop it low with The Buzz June 16, 2016 21:19

Yup, your eyes are seeing things clearly, one can now drop it low with the launch of The Buzz. We made sure not to take away from the loud & proud nature of our socks when launching our first high ankle sock. The Buzz is made from the same great materials as our signature mid-calf socks but affords those that want to show a little bit more leg during the ability to.

The Buzz high ankle sock

It took months of work to come up with the look of The Buzz. We wanted to build a sock that turned heads like our current styles yet had the function to be worn in an athletic setting but also had the style to be worn while you are living your life. 

As you may or may not know, each one of our socks has a name for a reason and The Buzz is no different. Named after Buzzards Bay, the gateway to Cape Cod- a place where Sammy and Dan grew up spending summers (and still go down most weekends).

So what are you waiting for? don’t be afraid to drop it low when you #grabapair. 

Neon Bandits Eye Candy May 23, 2016 10:46

Showcasing the Neon Bandits lifestyle on our social channels is an important aspect of building our brand. We have been lucky enough to get some amazing pictures during our first year, and we wanted to take this opportunity to show off some of our favorites. We aren’t going to lie, choosing only a few pictures to showcase was tough!

Our buddy Conner Schuh (@i.conik) stops at nothing and is risk averse both behind his camera and in life, so risking his life hanging over a building was nothing to get us the best. Conner is seriously talented, check out his full website here.

The Ozz

Bay Area-based action sports enthusiast Gina Kaprielian (@gkapri)  has sent us pictures of her skateboarding, snowboarding, wake-boarding and just straight chilling in Neon Bandits. This particular image captures Neon Bandits living life to the fullest. 

Colorado Snowboading

Our friends at the Ohio Dreams  Action Sports camp sent us this picture of the world famous Slip N’ Fly being introduced to Neon Bandits. Stay tuned for more pictures coming out of Ohio this summer!

Ohio Dreams

Hawaii-based adventure man, Dan Worden (@adventuremandan) decided it would be a great idea to do a backflip off a cliff in Neon Bandits, bright idea. 


Katelyn Grafton (@katelyn.grafton) knows how to strike a pose in Neon Bandits… 

Looking to tee up in some unique places? Our pal Jordan Griggs (@thedapperdrive) loves doing the same! 


Follow our Instagram to check out more awesome snap shots, and be the first to see our latest fan photos! Think you have what it takes to be featured? Email us your pictures at

The Freshest Pairings May 01, 2016 12:56

Just like pairing a fine wine with cheese, at Neon Bandits we like to pair fine socks with fresh kicks.  We stay on top of the latest and greatest sneaker releases, and are always thinking about how we can pair them up with Neon Bandits. In the spirit of summer being just around the corner, we’ve paired up Neon Bandits with some of the hottest new sneaker releases. You can thank us later…

Nike recently released the Air Presto Flyknit. We  could easily rattle off 20 adjectives to describe how awesome these are. Pair the Air Presto Flyknit with The 781 white and you will have just about every jaw dropping when you walk by. 

Nike Air Presto Flyknit

Sticking in the Nike Flyknit family, if you are looking for the classic 1980’s Andre Agassi look, pair up the NikeCourt Tennis Classic Ultra Flyknit with (the green) Flip. Fresh.

NikeCourt Tennis Classic Ultra Flyknit

If you are looking to stay a bit more conservative with your kick-game, we suggest pairing the “Triple White” Adidas Ultra Boost with The Loop. These two complement each other like John Stockton and Karl Malone. 

Adidas Ultra Boost

Have your favorite sneaker pairing with Neon Bandits? Send it along (with a picture) to for a chance to be featured on our Instagram. 

Get ready to Catch some Tunes this Summer April 13, 2016 08:41

With Coachella kicking off this weekend, it is hard not to get thinking about the summer concert and festival line-up ahead. Of course we're excited about the big acts coming to Boston this summer (Justin Bieber and Pearl Jam, anyone?!) but for those of you looking to get out and about, here are five places we think it would be awesome to catch some rays, and a show this summer. 

Gulf Shores, Alabama. Known for Hangout, what could be cooler than kicking it beachside watching the likes of Haim and Calvin Harris. And their hammock beach? Yup, we will take that any day.

Joshua Tree, Ca. The Joshua Tree Music Festival prides itself on being family-friendly. Enhanced by the amazing surroundings, this Spring festival is bound to inspire. 

Neon Desert, El Paso, Tx. It has "neon" in the name, of course we want to check it out!

Grant Park, Chicago, IL. Lollapalooza started in the 90's and well, we really dig that vibe. And there is something really cool about taking in your favorite artists while you are downtown in one of the great cities in the USA! 


Heading to a festival or concert? Be sure to include @neonbandits in your festival attire and share your pictures with us to be featured on our Instagram account. 

History of The Tube (sock) March 30, 2016 19:57

Back in ancient times (and we’re not talking pre- Y2K) socks were made from leather or matted animal hair. It wasn’t until the late 16th century that the first machine knit socks were produced, but even then, up until post-WWI, a majority of socks were hand knit.

So, what was the role of socks, after all?

With the main goal of absorbing sweat, socks main goal was to add a layer of protection from the elements, while mitigating rubbing (i.e. sores, blisters, etc.) that came from direct contact with hard shoes. It’s a little known fact that feet are actually one of the body’s heaviest producers of sweat, which is why it’s so important to have a sock that has your feet covered (literally, and figuratively, of course).

Back to tubes…

Tube socks, in particular, became popular in the ‘60s with the boom of athletics. Everyone from basketball stars to track and field phenoms were wearing tubes and the fashion statement quickly spread to the general population, too.

The look continued to boom into the 80’s with aerobics (hello, Jane Fonda) and started to fade until skaters began adopting tube socks in the 90’s as “retro cool.”

One of the reasons Neon Bandits was brought to market was to introduce a new twist on Tube Socks to the market. Think of Neon Bandits as the Swiss-Army Knife of Tubes- a no-slip mid-calf option with excellent foot support and ultra breathability that can be worn while working out, while also have the style to be worn in everyday life. Yup, go ahead and #grabapair. 

Best Places to Flash some Calf March 23, 2016 17:11

Spring is here. Yup, we dodged a bullet this winter (knock on wood) in the Northeast, while our friends out West in the mountains are still enjoying some fresh powder…

If you’re anything like us, since you have been cooped up in the gym all winter, we know you cannot wait to get outside, flash us some calf, and get that body ready for the summer. Whether you are headed out for a run, hike or just feel like getting some steps in (FitBit, we see you), we wanted to provide you our favorite places across the country to get a workout-in right in the great outdoors.

Known for its, um red rocks, Red Rocks Fitness in Denver will have you jumping, climbing and running stairs in the world famous Red Rocks amphitheater. As you trudge up and down the stairs, you can’t help but to take a look around and enjoy the scenery.

If you are not intimidated by people who may (or may not be) on growth hormones, check out Muscle Beach on the world famous Venice Beach just outside of Los Angeles. If you do head over, be sure to #GrabAPair first so you are showing off your calves, big-time.

And of course, as Bostonians through and through, we would be not be such "homers" if we didn’t include our favorite spot- the Charles River. Perfect for running, walking, or boating (try not to swim unless you want to get sick), the river separates Cambridge from Boston and provides a spectacular view from either side. Head down on a sunny day and the riverbanks will be packed with people dying to see some calf.

Got a favorite outdoor workout spot? Or better yet, got a shot of a pair of Neon Bandits working out with you? Send it along

2016 Boston Marathon March 14, 2016 20:40

Growing up in Boston, you know that Spring officially starts once Marathon Monday rolls around. Arguably the best sporting event in a city obsessed with sports, the Boston Marathon is a special race that starts out in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and weaves its way through the crowded suburban Boston streets and finishes in the heart of downtown Boston.

I have run one marathon in my life and have had the urge to run Boston for a few years now. The race is more than a race when you are from Boston and one that is difficult to describe for those that are not from the area. However, in order to get into the race (aside from running a qualifying time) you have to run for a charity. Picking the right charity to run for is difficult to do because so many great charities have marathon bibs that you can apply for.

For me, deciding which charity to run for was kind of a no-brainer; the Shamrock Foundation. The foundation benefits children in need by designing programs to help those youth and families that need it. The foundation is tied to the Boston Celtics and does tremendous work throughout the city and surrounding area so for me getting behind the foundation is easy to do.

Aside from the fact, that I have to run 26.2 miles on April 18th, I also have to raise at least $5,000 for the foundation. As part of my fundraising plan, we have decided to donate 100% of all of the profits for the online sales of The Dawson (white) sock from now until Marathon Monday (April 18th). The colors of the sock just so happen to match the Celtics colors…

Please follow along our social channels for updates along the way and be sure to #grabapair for a great cause!


The Reasoning Behind our Product Names February 29, 2016 07:28

As we outlined when we launched our first line in June, we like to have meaning behind our product names. While we had some fun creating names for The Dawson, The Ozz and The Flip, it's safe to say that we had just as much fun coming up with the names for our new socks. Without further ado, the meaning behind our latest styles names: 

The Meadow- Named after where Dan started his youth basketball career, and Sammy moonlighted as a kick-ball captain, “The Meadow” is named after Dan and Sammy’s elementary school, Broadmeadow. 

The 781- In tradition of playing homage to where it all began, “The 781” is named for the 3 digit phone code of Dan and Sammy’s hometown. How does blue and gold play into this area code? None other than the Needham Rockets.

The Loop- Yup. This sock will have people doing loops around you, checking out your calves. And you should know this sock is named after Loop beach where Dan and Sammy spent many a childhood days hunting for periwinkles, fishing for hermit crabs and digging giant holes. 


The Crush- Everyone has a childhood pet that leaves a lasting memory. Dan had Crush, the best goldfish a kid could ask for, Crush. He lived to be 7 years old and swam upside down for the final 2 years of his life. This one’s for you, buddy. 

Have you ever had a goldish that swam upside down? If so, drop us a note ( and we may need to name our next sock after him or her. 

Hanging in the Minors with Matt Brazis January 28, 2016 18:18

Over the weekend, we had a chance to sit down with our great friend, Matt Brazis, who is a rising star in the Chicago Cubs Minor League Organization. Matt gave us some insight into what it is like playing in the Minors:

Playing in the Cubs Organization has been a great experience, and one that I recognize not many people get the chance to go through. Being a part of such a storied franchise with incredible fans and great staff is all I could ask for.  The Cubs take great pride in their minor league system, and spare no expense at all the different levels leading up to the majors.

I've been playing baseball for as long as I can remember, so it's hard to imagine life without it. When I was younger, I remember going to the Little League with my dad, and trying to compete with my older brother who was always much better than I was. It was that competition that has paid off, as I continue to work as hard as I can to outwork “the other guy”.

I guess it might sound cliché, but what I love most about baseball is winning. For example, if someone turned on a random baseball game on TV, I wouldn't be too interested. However, drop me into that game, and the competitiveness in me fires up. The drive to succeed and win, especially in a one-on-one matchup with the hitter, is exhilarating. 

My offseason is a mixture of workouts, throwing, seeing friends, and odd jobs. My lifting and baseball workouts start at 9am and end around 3pm; this leaves me the rest of the day to relax or work. This offseason I've been giving pitching lessons to little leaguers, working as a bartender, hell, I've even sold some Neon Bandits on the side! I like to have a fair amount of balance in my offseason, which I consider as my time off.

Chicago Cubs

Neon Bandits aren't only a handsome-looking sock, but they're also a very practical fit for me. I'm constantly working out and being active, and the sock really reflects that lifestyle. Neon Bandits bold looks, colors and patterns are fantastic. They're incredibly comfortable and don't slide down your calves like most other similar socks do. Whether I'm squatting, lunging, or throwing a bullpen in my baseball cleats, I got my Neon Bandits on and ready to take on anything. 

We’ll be checking in with Matt throughout the season as he and his Neon Bandits collection take on Spring Training, and then hit the road to the majors. Stay tuned and in the meantime, #GrabAPair!

Meet Kayla January 06, 2016 18:13

My name is Kayla Durden and I am a 22 year old professional surfer from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. My passion for surfing began at the age of five when my dad decided to teach me how to surf on a family vacation in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I can vividly remember him pushing me in on my first wave and since that day I have never looked back. At that point, I fell in love with surfing and began competing in surfing competitions at the age of 12.

I have always been an athlete thanks to my older brother Corey who pushed me around when I was younger. My love for competition was born on the basketball court.  I played point guard throughout my middle school and high school career and considered playing basketball in college but opted to pursue surfing instead because that is what my heart was telling me to do. 

I came to a cross road in 2011 during my senior year of high school should I pursue surfing or go to college? I decided to get my Bachelors degree at the University of North Florida and graduated Summa Cum Laude this past December with a major in Marketing and a minor in Spanish. Now that I have my degree, I have decided to put my degree in my back pocket (for now) and pursue the a spot in the World Qualifying Series of surfing. 

 So what is this World Qualifying Series? Just think of it as the equivalent of the minor leagues for baseball. It is a tour below the World Tour that gives me a chance to compete to be one of the top seventeen girls in the world in 2017. I have waited my entire life to compete on this tour! The tour consists of multiple events all over the world and each event carries a certain amount of points. The tour starts (for me) in January of 2016 in Huntington Beach, California and then will move on to a month and a half in Australia where I will compete in five events. After Australia, the tour will move to other locations such as Cabo, Europe and California again. There are so many girls who will be competing for the prestigious spot of being on tour but I am so blessed and excited to be one of those girls competing!

In order for my body to be ready for the World Qualifying Series, I had to make a commitment to the sport outside of the water.  As such, I have been doing Crossfit for the past three years at a local crossfit gym called Crossfit Ragnarok. They have taught me how to be mentally tough and helped me push myself far beyond what I knew I could have. I feel that this will be one of my strengths during the upcoming season because I will be in great physical shape to compete at my highest level! I have also been working with a new coach, Evan Thompson, about two times a week just filming and correcting errors. He has competing on the Junior World Tour as well as the World Qualifying Tour which has given me solid insight on what I will be facing this upcoming year.

Kayla training

I am so stoked for this upcoming year and I am excited for you to follow along as I go on an adventure of a lifetime! Be sure to stay tuned to this blog and the Neon Bandits social channels for updates as I chase my dream! 

One Step Ahead December 14, 2015 08:53

The winter is here. It is only a matter of time before the snow starts falling in our hometown of Boston, which will make it more difficult for us to be able to collect fun outdoor-centric content. As we detailed a few weeks back, we have our Spring line coming out in February so in an effort not to have models rocking shorts and socks in the snow, we rallied our friends to do a small photoshoot with our new designs before the weather changed.

After dialing up a perfect mid-fifties day in December, we hosted our photoshoot outside in the Fenway area of Boston. While we’re not going to reveal what the socks look like just yet, we have included a behind the scenes shot from our shoot (and if you look closely you can surely get a glimpse of the new designs!).

Behind the Scenes

One of the many challenges of running a lean operation is having to think far in advance. Not only do we need to focus on the here and now, and be scrappy where we can be, but we also need to be thinking into the future. If product is going to hit in February, we need to get the wheels in motion on a photoshoot, website updates, develop a marketing campaign, create a sales strategy, etc. months in advance to hit the deadline. Meanwhile, this is happening during our busiest time of the year—the holiday season!

Be sure to keep tabs on our blog; we’re excited to start to share details with you on our Spring 2016 line which will have you rushing to #GrabAPair (or two). And in the meantime, continue to share your pictures with us @NeonBandits and have a wonderful holiday season! 


Athleisure, it's Officially a Word November 28, 2015 15:24

The next time the national spelling bee comes around, the word “athleisure” is going to be front and center, as it has officially been added to the dictionary.

And what does that mean for Neon Bandits? Well, we officially have a word to point to in the dictionary to classify ourselves. As we have mentioned many times, we have built and designed Neon Bandits to be the perfect blend between a performance sock and a lifestyle sock; if you want all of the technical details of our socks check out the below diagram.

What Makes Neon Bandits Unique

In honor of “Athleisure” now officially be part of the dictionary, here are the top three reasons we are stoked this has happened:

  • It is now only a matter of time before sweatpants are acceptable for men to wear to work on a regular basis (heck- some dress sweatpants already exist… )
  • As a society, we will be able to conserve water because we will have to do less laundry by wearing the same clothes to work, and to workout.
  • You really have zero excuse not to #grabapair.

So, next year at the spelling bee, when someone asks to use “athleisure” in a sentence, you have this in your back pocket: “Neon Bandits is an athleisure sock brand that blends performance with lifestyle.”

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and #Grabapair.