Custom Brewery Socks

Custom Brewery Socks

If you've been to any brewery lately, you've probably noticed they are offering as many merch options as they are beers on tap. And at Neon Bandits, we've been working with breweries to develop custom socks for them for a number of years. And unlike many other "custom" sock brands, Neon Bandits builds our custom socks from the toe-up, making a 100% custom sock for every brewery partner that we work with - thoughtfully designed in collaboration with our customer. 

To dive deep into why our socks for breweries are a pint above the rest, read on. 

Our socks are knit in

The designs of our socks are actually knit into the sock- never dyed nor embroidered. 

This means that no matter how many times you wash or wear your favorite Neon Bandit brewery socks, the socks colors will not fade and the socks structure won't change; so forget about the socks slipping down your leg. 

Narrow Gauge Brewing Socks

Custom designs

Each and every one of our brewery socks is unique to the partner that we work with. Want a complex design that has writing on the foot? No problem! Want a design that matches your limited release can art? We’ve got you covered. Our custom socks are anything but cookie-cutter, so you can see your vision come to life on a sock.

City Built Brewing Sock

Custom sock height

In addition to fully customizing and curating the sock design, we can create any height sock you are looking for - from a no-show sock to a high-knee sock and anything in between. 

Custom sock blend 

Lastly, we are able to offer a variety of sock blends for brewery customers to choose from to ensure they're creating a sock for where their customer is going next. Based in Jackson Hole? We can offer a thermalite blend that is perfect for chilly days shredding the slopes. On the Boston Marathon Route? We can design your sock using our performance running blend. 

We offer full bespoke socks for each and every partner that we work with; ready to learn more about our custom sock program for breweries? Drop us a line to learn more about our process and to talk about socks for you, today! 

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