5 Tips for Healthy Feet

Your feet are arguably one of the most important and neglected parts of your body. They are responsible for almost all of our movement and, in many cases a healthy body starts with how you care for your feet. 

Whether you are trying to walk a mile or run a marathon, your feet will be the vehicle that gets you to the finish line. And you want to be certain that you are keeping your feet healthy and happy along the way. 

Here are five tips for healthy and happy feet:

  1. Maintain good foot hygiene. Wash your feet with soap and water daily, and take care to dry in-between your toes. Excess moisture can lead to fungal infections. Also, don't share socks and shoes; you can get a fungal infection by wearing someone else's gear. 
  2. Don't ignore foot pain.. If you are walking around with foot pain, you are likely to over compensate other parts of your body as a result. For example, if your left foot hurts, you could be putting too much pressure on your right foot to compensate for the pain. This  could cause your back to get hurt. If your feet hurt over a prolonged period of time, it is best to consult with your doctor to understand why.
  3. Buy properly sized shoes: Imagine squeezing into pants that don't fit and then having to sit in them all day. It's not very comfortable. That example applies to shoes, too. Be honest with your shoe size and buy shoes that fit just right. Shoes that are too small can constrict toes and feet, causing cramping and longer-term issues. Shoes that are too big can cause sloshing which creates unnecessary friction and tension on feet. Another shoe-centric tip? Rotate your shoes so you're not wearing the same pair everyday. 
  4. Give your feet a break. Your feet are responsible for a lot; take time every day to sit with your feet/ legs elevated to restore and rejuvenate. Even lying on the ground with your legs elevated for five minutes is shown to support whole-body circulation.
  5. Wear the right socks! Your feet are chock-full of sweat glands-- 25,000 in each foot (!) so choosing the sock based on the activity you're doing has a big impact. Planning on cardio work? Be sure to select a sweat-wicking sock. Doing something outdoors in the cold weather? Opt for a sock that has a high percentage of wool. The bottom line is you don’t want your feet to be stuck in the same sweaty socks all day. It is best to change your socks often so your fit don’t sit in sweaty, damp socks. 

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