The Story and Science Behind our Socks

Neon Bandits is a sock brand based in Boston, MA. Tired of the specialization in the sock market (a different sock for each activity), sibling duo Dan and Sammy Cohen launched Neon Bandits in an effort to create the ultimate sock for the on-the-go individual. All Neon Bandits socks perfectly marry performance and style; you don’t #grabapair of Neon Bandits to blend in, you rock Neon Bandits so when you go to cross the street, people stop for you.

Neon Bandits socks feature a knit-in design, a reinforced heel and toe, mesh arch support and a signature no-slip calf. Made from high quality materials, our socks colors will never fade or lose their integrity with washing and wearing. 

In addition to their own brand of socks, Neon Bandits offers fully custom knit-in socks for your brand, store, team or concept! Leave the heavy lifting of design and development to their team of innovative and thoughtful creatives that design a damn-fine end product; thought goes into every stitch! When it comes to custom, Neon Bandits offers low minimums on high-quality socks and works alongside you from start to sock. Each custom sock is uniquely designed and developed, just for you.

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The science behind our socks:


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