About Us

You don’t #grabapair of Neon Bandits to blend in. You rock Neon Bandits so when you go to cross the street, people stop for you.

Neon Bandits put an end to the dilemma of your calves looking bland when your kick game is on point. Oh, and in case you also hate when your jacked-up socks slip down your leg, Neon Bandits has you covered because we don’t slip. That simple.

You've heard of an athletic sock and you've heard of a dress sock. Have you heard of an action lifestyle sock? Didn’t think so… And that’s what we are. Neon Bandits blend performance with style and are geared towards the skater, lax bro, frisbee flipper, bean bag tosser, barbeque expert, golfer, and baller in all of us.

While friends may claim to have your back, Neon Bandits has your calves covered. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and #grabapair.

The science behind our socks:


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