Why your socks matter for pickleball

If tennis, badminton and ping-pong had a baby, the offspring would look a lot like pickleball. The racket sport has taken the world by storm as evidenced by the fact that the sport of pickleball is now drawing investors from celebrities like LeBron James thanks to his investment in Major League Pickleball. What is now the fastest growing game in America according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association has attracted players of all skill levels across a wide array of age groups.

And like any other high-paced athletic activity, making sure that your feet are comfortable and happy is essential in how you perform and recover. Pickleball requires quick side-to-side movements, making foot and ankle support critical in shoe selection. But just as your pickleball shoes are important, so is your sock selection.

Consider the below characteristics when selecting a sock for your pickleball ventures.


Pickleball will have your heart racing and the sweat pouring down your face…and feet. That is why when you put on socks before you play pickleball, you need to make certain that the pickleball socks that you choose allow your foot to breathe.

Consider a sock with a breathable footbed and mesh features in the foot for pickleball This mesh will allow for your feet to breathe when they start to get sweaty during the game.

Sock Blend

Socks that are 100% cotton should not be considered to be worn while playing pickleball because cotton absorbs sweat and has no wicking qualities. When picking out a pair of pickleball socks, you should favor socks that feature acrylic or wool. Both of these materials help wick away sweat and will keep your feet dry and happy, to 11 points or beyond

No-slip calf

In order to play good on the pickleball courts, you also have to look good! While some may prefer a no-show sock, others like to show a little flare while they are on the courts. And with tube socks making a comeback, if you choose to wear a tube sock or a high ankle sock on pickleball courts, you need to make sure that your pickleball socks don’t slip down your leg. Nothing would be worse than having a sock all bunched up on your ankles as you are trying to play pickleball. This would not only be annoying, but it would also be a big fashion no-no.

Neon Bandits socks were specially designed so they would not slip down your leg under any circumstances so forget about having to constantly pull up your socks on the pickleball courts when you wear Neon Bandits. Look for socks that have the perfect amount of elasticity, not too tight and not too loose. You want your pickleball socks to fit so snugly they leave a mark on your calf.

Padded footbed

The side to side, up and down nature of pickleball can take a toll on your feet. The constant pounding on your feet can take a toll on the rest of your body, mainly your knees and your back. In an effort to help lessen the stress on these intricate parts of your body, look for pickleball socks that feature a padded footbed.

Wearing a pickleball sock that has extra padding and cushioning can help lessen the wear and tear of the sport on the rest of your body, while also taking some of the pressure off of your feet. Pickleball is not an easy game on your joints given the fast paced nature of the game, so put your best foot forward (pun intended) and select pickleball socks that have a padded footbed, including heel and toe. Having the right protection for your feet is key to a game like pickleball and can be the difference of recovering faster from a match.

Fresh designs

Nobody wants to take the courts wearing boring pickleball socks! The game is meant to be fun, and with tube socks becoming once again popular, you want to take the court feeling good and looking good.

Performance socks
All Neon Bandits socks feature a padded footbed and heel, mesh arch support and won’t slip down your leg. Oh, and also we think that our designs make quite the splash, on and off the court.

As pickleball continues to take the country by storm, do yourself a favor and make sure that your feet are protected. The right socks and shoes could be the difference between making your body feel great. And if you're in the market for some new pickleball socks, we know that Neon Bandits socks would be a great option for any pickleball player; whether you are just starting our playing or are a seasoned professional.

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