5  Reasons Why Socks Matter

5 Reasons Why Socks Matter

Socks have more function than just looking cool. They are an important article of clothing that can help your entire body feel more healthy and rejuvenated. 

By understanding the basics of why socks are important for you, you will be setting yourself up to live a healthier lifestyle. 

We’ve compiled a list of five reasons as to why socks matter. So the next time you put on a pair of socks, you will have a better understanding of how and why they matter:

Socks are shown to help with your overall health.

Socks are important for the overall health of your feet; socks absorb moisture and also prevent rubbing, chaffing, and painful blisters. The right sock should provide cushioning to the ball of the foot and heel, to keep the foot comfortable and warm. Looking for some extra support? Consider a sock with an arch support. 

Socks keep your feet warm, and dry! (And help with smells)

Wearing socks keeps feet dry and also prevents fungus and conditions like athlete's foot. Also did you know your feet have thousands of sweat glands? Wear socks with closed toe shoes and keep smells at bay.

Depending on what type of climate you live in (warm, cold, etc), it’s important to choose the right sock to match your activity level when you are outside. We broke down sock blends here

Socks can help you sleep better

Wearing socks in bed is shown to increase blood flow to feet, supporting better body temperature management. This can help a person get to sleep quicker. Just remember clean socks are happy socks! Get into bed with clean, dry socks. 

Socks are great for dry feet. 

Have you ever had dry, scaly feet? Consider moisturizing and then popping on a clean pair of cotton-based socks to support in advanced hydration. Also wearing socks regularly can prevent dry feet. Wearing breathable socks allows your feet to sweat less and dry out from excess moisture loss. 

Give back with socks.

Did you know that one of the most requested items at shelters is socks? Homeless individuals can be on their feet all day and if damp or cold, it can be incredibly hazardous, especially as temperatures drop. Cold weather + wet socks can lead to frostbite and if not treated, can lead to amputation. 

If you're planning on placing a sock order, consider ordering an extra pair to donate!

The next time you go to your sock drawer, take some time to think about the function behind the sock you are putting on so you set your body up to feel good. And of course, if you want the sock designed for all that life throws at you, consider getting a pair of Neon Bandits. 

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