Press logo is a site dedicated toward offering tips for healthy living. They did a piece on the 13 best running socks and highlighted Neon Bandits. If you want a performance running sock that speaks to your unique personality, Neon Bandits is the perfect pick...Neon Bandits socks provide a very snug fit, with a reinforced toe and heel. Read the entire piece here. 
Boston Voyager
Boston-based publication, The Boston Voyager did a profile on Neon Bandits co-founder, Sammy who talked about how the company got started and described the Neon Bandits story. Check out the story here
American Ninja Warrior
Jon Alexis Jr. (known as "Jon the Giant") rocked a pair of the 781 Blue's in the American Ninja Warrior Stage 1 Finals. Check them out in action here.
Boston based digital media company, Bostinno introduced us to the world calling us "the Sock Company for Bros."  Check out the article here.
In a follow-up article, Bostinno detailed our marketing strategy, more specifically our approach partnering with college lacrosse teams and called it "a power move.... and one that could propel them to grow bigger and faster than going through more traditional retail channels."

Neon Bandits, has partnered with action sports camp Ohio Dreams in Butler, Ohio to become an official partner of the camp for the 2015 season. Be sure to check out the details of our partnership here.

Boston's first digital publication for Men, Well Done said "When you wear a pair of Neon Bandits, the difference between these, and your average tube sock, is immediately apparent." Be sure to check out to the rest of the feature here. 

 Men's fashion blogger Parker York Smith wrote: "The bright colors and non-abrasive branding are not only fun to wear but the sock feels AMAZING. It hugged my foot so well that it feels like it was made specifically for me. Also it won’t slide down. I kicked, jumped, ran…nothing." Check out the rest of the article here.

Factory twofour is a Men's fashion blog where "modern gentelmen are made." Writer, Adam Kaslikowski wrote (in relation to Neon Bandits): "Their patterns and styles are equally at home for a day on the basketball court as they are for just lounging around the park" as part of the summer 2015 accessories lineup. Read the rest of the piece here.

Men's fashion and style blogger Ryan Rosenkilde wrote: "At their core they (Neon Bandits) are an athletic sock but with a stylish twist. The result? An “action lifestyle sock” that won’t slide down your calf but has some definite style star power. They have a padded foot bed and, my favorite feature, they fit your foot tight and never slipped once while wearing them." Check out the rest of the piece here.

The business media platform solely targeting the niche of entrepreneurs and aspiring startups, Founder's Guide, had a chance to sit down and chat with us.

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