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We had a chance to sit down with the jack of all trades action sports enthusiast and proud Neon Bandit athlete, Gina Kaprielian recently to learn a little bit more about her craft. Enjoy our conversation below. Tell us about yourself- where are you from? I was born in San Francisco and have been living in the Bay area my entire life. I spend my summer weekends in Discovery Bay on the water and winter weekends in Tahoe on the snow!   You seem to have all of the action sports covered (wake surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc) what is your favorite sport...

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Neon Bandits has been excited to partner with the Ohio Dreams action sports camp located in Butler, Ohio this summer. Campers ranging from seven to seventeen years old travel from around the country to attend the action sports camp where kids can work on skateboarding, BMX riding, skiing, snowboarding, and scootering. We passed along some socks to the camp for the instructors to sport while working the camp. Additionally, socks have been given away as prizes to lucky campers during contests. The most epic part of Ohio Dreams is the world famous Slip N’ Fly. This gigantic waterslide catapults riders high up in the...

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We’ve told you a bit about us (a killer brother-sister duo), and gave you the thoughts behind #GrabAPair and most recently, took you behind the scenes as we made our “sizzler” video. So now it only seems fair to take you into the thinking of our name, Neon Bandits. To be fair, we’ve actually owned the name for quite some time. The name resonated with Dan a couple years back now and he went ahead and made it official. (A la Beyonce, “if you like it then you better put a ring on it”.) And after our eureka moment, when...

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By now if you haven’t seen the Neon Bandit’s “sizzler”, I’ll be blunt with you, you’re missing out. We have conveniently included it here, below, for your viewing pleasure. We think it came out pretty sick, if we say so ourselves. One of the cool things about creating this video that was unlike most things Sammy and I seem to be working on these days, is that the video came together pretty quickly. After we decided that we were going to throw our socks into the ring for the Boston Brandathon, we put our heads together and came up with...

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We are excited to throw our socks into the ring for the Ad Club's Brandathon in Boston. We ask that you do us all a favor and vote for us! Cast your vote by clicking here.   Check out the Neon Bandits "sizzler" video we put together for it below and #grabapair! 

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