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Now that summer is in full swing, we are excited to write about our partnership with the Ohio Dreams action sports camp in Butler, Ohio. We were lucky enough to work with Ohio Dreams back in 2015 when we launched Neon Bandits, and could not be more excited for our continued relationship with one of the most renowned action sports camps in the country. Just like Neon Bandits, Ohio Dreams is a family run and operated business. Athletes ranging from 7 to 17 years old from all over the globe travel to their campus in Butler to attend the camp...

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My name is Laura Powers but my close friends and family call me LJ which are my initials of my first and middle name (Laura Jayne). I am from the Florida Keys and have grown up on the water. I got into action sports from my Dad. He was always into all kinds of crazy sports like para-motoring, kite boarding, surfing, skating, wake boarding, etc. Naturally, when I was old enough to do them myself, he taught me and I fell in love with them!  Out of all of the sports that I take part in, my favorite sport is...

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One of the most exciting and most challenging aspects of bringing a new concept to market is product development. As a new brand, we are constantly asking customers, retailers, friends and family for their feedback- on the sock blend, to how they wash and dry, to design input and beyond. Together, Dan and I had a recipe to bring something awesome to market, but with anything homemade, sometimes it can use a little refinement and tweaking. So, even though we launched early in June, we have been thinking about new colors and designs since before launching, which is pretty hard...

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We had a chance to sit down with the jack of all trades action sports enthusiast and proud Neon Bandit athlete, Gina Kaprielian recently to learn a little bit more about her craft. Enjoy our conversation below. Tell us about yourself- where are you from? I was born in San Francisco and have been living in the Bay area my entire life. I spend my summer weekends in Discovery Bay on the water and winter weekends in Tahoe on the snow!   You seem to have all of the action sports covered (wake surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc) what is your favorite sport...

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Neon Bandits has been excited to partner with the Ohio Dreams action sports camp located in Butler, Ohio this summer. Campers ranging from seven to seventeen years old travel from around the country to attend the action sports camp where kids can work on skateboarding, BMX riding, skiing, snowboarding, and scootering. We passed along some socks to the camp for the instructors to sport while working the camp. Additionally, socks have been given away as prizes to lucky campers during contests. The most epic part of Ohio Dreams is the world famous Slip N’ Fly. This gigantic waterslide catapults riders high up in the...

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