Meet LJ Powers

My name is Laura Powers but my close friends and family call me LJ which are my initials of my first and middle name (Laura Jayne). I am from the Florida Keys and have grown up on the water.

I got into action sports from my Dad. He was always into all kinds of crazy sports like para-motoring, kite boarding, surfing, skating, wake boarding, etc. Naturally, when I was old enough to do them myself, he taught me and I fell in love with them!  Out of all of the sports that I take part in, my favorite sport is probably wake boarding because I can do it in my backyard. I love learning new tricks and going out with my friends who love it as much as I do. As I continue to grow older, I hope to be able to teach the sport to younger kids and continue to advance myself with new tricks.

I try to get out and do what I love as much as possible. During the summer, I go wake boarding almost every day so that’s where I get most of my practice. I am very lucky because when I am out on the water I get to spend time with my two younger sisters who I am really close with. We love to challenge one another and teach each other new tricks. The next trick that I am trying to learn is a back roll.

That's me riding a longboard above rocking  The Flip! Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@LauraJPowers) to check out some more pictures of me riding!

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