Ohio Dreams

Summer Camp with Ohio Dreams

Now that summer is in full swing, we are excited to write about our partnership with the Ohio Dreams action sports camp in Butler, Ohio. We were lucky enough to work with Ohio Dreams back in 2015 when we launched Neon Bandits, and could not be more excited for our continued relationship with one of the most renowned action sports camps in the country.

Just like Neon Bandits, Ohio Dreams is a family run and operated business. Athletes ranging from 7 to 17 years old from all over the globe travel to their campus in Butler to attend the camp to take their respected action sports skills (skateboarding, scootering, skiing, BMX riding and even snowboarding) to the next level. The camps signature activity is the world famous “Slip N Fly.” Pictured below, this slip-n-slide on steroids launches people straight into the air and into a pool for an epic splash landing. (Also a great way to practice ski/ snowboard tricks with a softer landing...)

Slip N FLy

So how is Neon Bandits involved? Our socks are being worn by camp counselors and are also being used as prizes at competitions that the camp hosts throughout the summer. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels as we highlight some great footage that we get from these incredible action sports athletes throughout the summer!

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