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Plain white tube socks are boring. A thought so basic was and is the driving force behind Neon Bandits. And however simple you may think designing and producing a fun sock is… think again. And again. And again. 

The Neon Bandits concept was thought up almost three years ago now, when my sister (Sammy) and I were both working in the retail field- I was working for a sports apparel company in the marketing realm and Sammy was working for a retail consulting firm, when we both came to the realization that that men didn't have a well-designed action lifestyle sock option. Bringing it back to basics, dudes look goofy when they wear dingy white tubes with shorts, and shouldn't be caught dead wearing dress socks with a lifestyle sneaker.

With this need in mind, Sammy and I developed Neon Bandits. Yes, we are well aware that fun socks exist- but we think they exist in silos. Athletic socks can be loud, but are designed for athletic performance. Dress socks can have funky patterns, but aren’t designed to be worn with shorts. And a straight lifestyle sock can blend design and comfort- but lack a defined purpose.

So, with Neon Bandits, we have created an action lifestyle segment. We're not going to tell you when you can and can't wear your socks (well, Sammy might…) but we've designed Neon Bandits to be worn as you live. Whether you are skateboarding, hanging with friends, shooting hoops, even brunching, when you are rocking Neon Bandits, you never need to worry about being labeled as plain or boring, or gasp, having your sock slip down your leg. 


To bring Neon Bandits to where we are today took a lot of patience, trial and error and most of all, support from family and friends. (Sounds so cliche, we know. But it's true!) Sammy and I come from a close family; our parents taught us to pursue our passion. Over the course of the past few years Sammy and I have become increasingly passionate about our brand, products, and working together as a killer brother-and-sister duo

Additionally, throughout this start-up journey, we have had the pleasure of working with many old friends, and have made some some truly awesome new ones. We would like to thank all of you for your help and support to get Neon Bandits, and Sammy and I, to where we are today, launching this bad boy, and know we appreciate your continued support on this exciting journey.   

So. What's next? It’s all about making your calves look as good as they can.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab a pair.

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