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Neon Bandits



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T.B.S.Y. otherwise known as The Best Sock Yet

Show off your flare while strolling the city, on the Pickleball court, or while practicing the newest TikTok dance. 

Simple, yet sophisticated T.B.S.Y. hits just above your ankle and is designed to be worn while working out or hanging out. Our socks are knit-in and engineered with features that provide maximum comfort, durability, and performance as seen below.

T.B.S.Y. is made from an optimal blend of 54% polyester, 20% acrylic, 20% nylon, and 6% wool.

Why are our socks acrylic-based instead of cotton or nylon? Acrylic sock fabrics are moisture-wicking and retain their shape better than cotton, preventing that dreaded slippage. They're the perfect fiber to keep your feet moisture-free and happy all day long, no matter the activity. Cotton, on the other hand, does not have moisture-wicking qualities and dampens quickly. When trapped in a shoe, this damp sock can cause a lot of discomfort (and blisters). Why not Nylon? Though durable, nylon socks aren't known for keeping feet odor-free. You and your feet get the picture. 

Fair warning you and your feet may become addicted to our socks.

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