Acrylic vs. Cotton socks

Acrylic vs. Cotton socks

Ever wonder what materials go into making a sock? And why are they chosen? We’re here to give you the information that you need to make an informed sock decision.  

The big 4 sock fibers are acrylic, cotton, nylon and wool. When we were first developing Neon Bandits, we spent about two years  testing multiple variations of yarn blends to create the ultimate sock for the on-the-go individual. And today, we explain the “why” behind our material choice(s).  

The base of all Neon Bandits socks is acrylic. The Neon Bandits brand is all about being active and acrylic is a fiber that is inherently moisture wicking and snug (since it's elastic). Acrylic fibers really do keep your feet moisture-free and happy all day long, no matter the activity. Additionally, acrylic fibers retain their shape better than cotton, which often loses its shape when damp. Saggy socks? No thank you! Neon Bandits don’t lose their shape or start slipping over time. 

As alluded to, cotton doesn’t have moisture wicking qualities and dampens quickly. When trapped in a shoe, this damp sock can cause a lot of discomfort (and blisters, ick). Some people do like cotton because it’s a natural fiber, but for us, it’s more of a “sitting” sock. Sweat or get wet and you’re out of luck. Cotton doesn’t fit with the Neon Bandits lifestyle. 

Why not nylon? Though considered very durable, nylon socks aren't known for keeping feet odor free... catch our drift? We’re open to sock blends that have nylon as a complementary fabric because it supports in creating great elasticity, but from our experiences, we wouldn’t advise for it to be the primary material in the sock. 

The foot of our performance running socks always contains wool because of its outstanding absorption qualities; wool can absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture before even feeling damp. Wool also dries super quickly which is important in a performance sock. At Neon Bandits, we like to use wool moderation; we’ve found that too much wool creates a great deal of friction, making it tough to wear the sock for extended periods of time. 

Have questions about how to choose the sock that’s right for you? Drop us a line.

And of course, check out our socks and grab a pair for yourself! 

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