Custom Socks

The Custom Sock Process

Here we are at the very start of summer, and we are already thinking and planning for the holidays. More specifically, designing and scheduling production of custom socks to arrive in time for the holidays.

As a small business, we learned quickly that being proactive is a key to success. After missing holiday orders our first year, we re-structured our business and made holiday sock conversations a priority.

From a consumer stand-point, we understand that it may feel a little early to be planning sock orders for November and December at the start of summer. However, our custom socks have a longer lead time (between 70-90 days) because our socks are knit-in.

Our goal is to bring the most durable and unique socks to market, not just any socks. And having a sock that features knit-in design allows us to do just that. Knit-in socks take longer to produce because the yarns need to be dyed; which is a process that takes time. Once completed, we work with the factory to “graph” the design so it can be programmed into the machine for knitting. After this step is completed, the socks are knit which is a process unto itself (we won’t geek out on the details here).

Custom Socks

Now that you understand why a knit-in sock takes longer to develop let's take you through some of the benefits of working with us on a custom sock:

  • All aspects of our custom sock are exactly that, custom. This includes pantone colors and sock height. We do not have a stock of endless inventory of blank socks that we print a design onto, every sock is knit from the toe up, every time.  
  • Our socks colors will not fade with multiple washes and wears. Since the design is knit into the construction of the sock (and not printed on top of a solid sock), the socks will have the same coloring on washes 1 and 500.
  • Neon Bandits socks don’t lose their structure or integrity. Even after all their washes, our socks don’t lose their shape, slip down your leg or stretch out.

Sammy and I pride ourselves on every sock design we work on being unique. We do not take a partners logo and slap it onto a sock. We take the time to collaborate with each partner that we work with to understand their brand so we can design a unique and thoughtful sock. You can check out some of our past designs here and on our Instagram.

Now, are you ready to talk custom socks with us? Drop us a note and we can get the conversation going!

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