Wrapping up our Holiday Work

'Tis the season for holiday planning

While winter may seem like a long way away, we have spent our summer prepping for it. And no, we haven't been hoarding shovels, or doing constant squats to get ready for ski season (although our legs and calves are always on point), but rather, we've been knee deep designing socks with our incredible partners for their holiday orders. 

We officially kicked off holiday planning in May and it's been non-stop since. All throughout the summer, we've been heads down, pushing ourselves to continue to crank out new and unique designs. We pride ourselves on never taking a templated approach to custom sock design; each sock that we design is totally different and special to our customer. This combined with the quality of our socks has created many happy customers and solid repeat business for us, which as a young company is the best type of business for us. 

Check back regularly starting in October, as we begin to share the newest sock designs, and announce our newest partners. And if you are interested in socks for your company, team or business this holiday season (they make an outstanding gift), we have a couple of weeks left to make it happen-- reach out ASAP! 

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