The Triple Threat

We have been busy talking to all sorts of consumers and retailers since we launched and every person that we tell about our socks- asks us “what type of sock is Neon Bandits?” As we said from the outset, we are an action lifestyle sock- but what exactly does that mean? We blend performance with lifestyle to create the ultimate bright and bold look that provides great function, style and versatility (a.k.a. the triple threat).


With the “athleisure” segment exploding, an apt comparison for Neon Bandits would be yoga pants for women. Yoga pants are designed and built to be worn while working out but also have the function, style and versatility to be worn outside of the gym. That’s what we are- we can be worn on the field, at the gym or while hanging out.

New Balance

We built Neon Bandits with the active consumer in mind and wanted to deliver on a product that has more than one function. So be careful not to pigeonhole us as a “gym sock” or a “dress sock” or even a “lifestyle sock” because we can be classified as each of them- which is why we are the triple threat! 

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