The Gant meets Neon Bandits

Aspen Colorado and Neon Bandits. An active town meets and an active brand.

Known for its epic skiing and hiking, the town of Aspen is rich in history and culture. Settled as a mining town in the late 1800’s in conjunction with the Colorado Silver Boom, the town was later converted into a ski resort in the 1950’s and 60’s.


Not too long after Aspen started attracting skiers, The Gant opened its doors (in 1973 to be exact). Today the premier condominium resort is one of the most highly rated places to stay in Aspen due to its close proximity to all of the towns attractions and great amenities (including some great socks!). 

Besides custom Neon Bandits, one of the most unique services that The Gant has to offer are The Gant Vans. These vans are dedicated exclusively to guests of the resort- providing complimentary on-demand transportation anywhere in town (they became the first hotel property to offer an app to request the rides). The Gant Vans are so well known (and visible) throughout Aspen that a drinking game at local bars was created as a result.  If you’re at the bar and you see The Gant Van go by the window, everyone takes a drink!  If two Gant Vans cross each other at the same time, chug your drink! 

The Gant Aspen

This summer, Neon Bandits had the opportunity to team up with The Gant Aspen to create a pair of socks that are being given to VIP guests at the hotel. Of course, the socks are a perfect fit for all of Aspen’s activities—hiking, biking, and everything in-between. If you ever find yourself in Aspen, be sure to stop in and say hi to our pals. 

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