Team Sea to See

A couple of months back, we spotlighted sock partner, Team with a Vision, whom we worked with during the Boston Marathon. It is through that relationship that we learned of the Race Across America (RAAM) and Team Sea to See. Immediately upon learning about what they were embarking on, we knew we wanted to get involved and support the team and their goals however we could.

June 16th, the team of 8 riders (+ many others in crew and support) will begin the race literally across America. They are the first RAAM team with all blind stokers. By taking on this challenge, the team and crew hope to highlight the collaboration, intelligence and perseverance all present within the human spirit. And show just how capable all humans are. Through both the race and strategic media outreach, the team will also be raising awareness about the disappointing employment rate of the blind.  

Team Sea to See

To learn more about Team Sea to See, please visit their website and be sure to follow along their journey June 12-25. We’ll be highlighting snapshots as they come in on our own Instagram Story (@neonbandits) and we’re excited to say the team will be rocking custom limited edition cycling socks throughout their journey! (Pictures below) We’re proud to be able to support them in even this small way.


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