Behind the Bandits

Taking you Behind the Scenes of The Buzz Photo Shoot July 11, 2016 10:49

Early in June we dropped it low with the launch of The Buzz. And to get some content, we put together a small but powerful squad to shoot in one of the most special places in Boston—a rooftop deck overlooking the city skyline.

Roof Top

Our friends at Surreal Sunglasses hooked us up for the shoot with some of their awesome new specs. Be sure to check out their new bamboo shades, in particular, which are bound to be a summer fav.


As always, we couldn’t have done it without our trusty photographer (and childhood friend), Madeline. Lady always shows up ready to go and to take our ideas to the next level, visually.


(No windows were broken while golfing off the roof deck!)

Have you had a chance to check out The Buzz? Be sure to #grabapair and then send us pictures as they adorn your legs throughout your summer adventures! We’ll be waiting!

Drop it low with The Buzz June 16, 2016 21:19

Yup, your eyes are seeing things clearly, one can now drop it low with the launch of The Buzz. We made sure not to take away from the loud & proud nature of our socks when launching our first high ankle sock. The Buzz is made from the same great materials as our signature mid-calf socks but affords those that want to show a little bit more leg during the ability to.

The Buzz high ankle sock

It took months of work to come up with the look of The Buzz. We wanted to build a sock that turned heads like our current styles yet had the function to be worn in an athletic setting but also had the style to be worn while you are living your life. 

As you may or may not know, each one of our socks has a name for a reason and The Buzz is no different. Named after Buzzards Bay, the gateway to Cape Cod- a place where Sammy and Dan grew up spending summers (and still go down most weekends).

So what are you waiting for? don’t be afraid to drop it low when you #grabapair.