Specialized in Being Special

When we tell people that we run a sock company called Neon Bandits, the first question that we tend to get asked is, “so…what makes your socks special?” We then naturally launch into a long-winded answer explaining the technical details as to what makes our socks a step above the rest. And, almost three years into this venture, we are tired of explaining the technical features that 1) nobody understands and 2) make us sound like total nerds. All you need to do is put on a pair of our socks and you will see why they are so special. 

We live in a society where everything has become specialized. It is held against you if you have a diverse skillset and a wide array of interests. A ten-year-old kid is being forced to specialize in one sport. What happened to being a special overall athlete? In the business world, it is no longer seen as an asset to the company if you are a well-rounded business person. You need to specialize in one specific area to be considered an asset. Businesses would rather have ten specialists all working in silos, rather than four employees who can do it all.

When we developed our first socks, our intention was to create a product that was diverse, durable and fun. We had zero intention of designing a product that could only be used in one scenario, or for one event, like many other types of socks. To us, this made our socks special.

Specialized in Being Special

We kept this mindset when developing our brand in parallel with our product; we designed the Neon Bandits brand to be bold, active and boundary pushing. To us, these are special traits.

So, this gets back to the original question that we get asked all of the time: what makes these socks special?

We could continue to give you the technical details of our sock… We could tell you our sock is special because of the breathable mesh arch, the reinforced heel and toe, the extra foot-bed cushioning, the non-slip calf, or the knit-in construction. But, from now on we are going to tell you that Neon Bandits are specialized in being special. Our socks are well-rounded. Our socks are versatile. Our socks are designed for anything your day throws your way. And to us, this versatility, this jack-of-all trades, this “oh yeah, I can do that” approach is what makes our socks and Neon Bandits special.

Our Instagram page has and will continue to be about what it means to be “specialized in being special.” Just because our society says that if you have more than one specialty, you are not special, know that to us, having more than one specialty is really what’s special. And don’t forget, Neon Bandits taught you that.


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