5 Current Sock Trends

5 Current Sock Trends

Rules around socks went out the window a couple of years back when wearing socks and sandals became cool again. It can be tough to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not so we’re here to break down five current sock trends we’re seeing. 

  1. Performance socks are no longer just about the gym. They have become a staple all-purpose wear sock. You can wear them for intense workouts or while just hanging out. We love a mid-calf sock or a  crew performance sock because they are so versatile and can be worn with just about anything… shorts, pants, dresses, and of course sandals. They also afford you the ability to show off a little flair while doing so. Pro-tip: Make sure your sneaker  game is on point if you’re going to be making a splash with your socks. 
  2. Socks are a fun fashion statement. We know socks are an accessory that allows for self expression. Though often considered an impulse purchase, socks are much more and can tell a lot about a person. Looking for a good ice breaker or first date topic? Ask someone about their favorite sock, they’re bound to have an answer! 
  3. Mix & match your socks.  Don’t worry about matching your socks when they come out of the laundry, mismatched socks are a fun and unexpected way to add an attitude to an outfit. Shout out to Kelley from Pinkergreen for this fun shot of her rocking her custom Neon Bandits mismatch pair of socks! mismatch socks
  4. Break conventions and show some ankle. The naked ankle is seemingly everywhere and according to everyone from The Guardian to GQ it’s even appropriate to show some ankle at work. A low cut sock or a no-show sock is better than wearing for sporty pair of shoes than going barefoot because you won’t need to worry about your shoes smelling from your sweaty feet inside of them all day.  
  5. All colors are cool for 2020. We anticipate seeing even more colors and patterns in the Spring / Summer 2020. And at Neon Bandits, we’re loving the big color block trend which ultimately inspired The Wave design! crew socks

What are your favorite socks and how are you wearing them? Send us a picture on Instagram @neonbandits.

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