Sock it to ‘um this Valentines Day

You’ve been married forever, you’ve been dating for years or you just met on Tinder. Whatever your relationship status, say it with Neon Bandits this Valentines Day.

The Meadow

Now, we may be biased, but we’re strong believers that socks make the perfect gift. And here are five reasons why:

  1. You really can’t screw-up in the size department. Quit worrying about if someone will be offended if you get them their actual size (the whole world can’t be a Medium!) and buy them a pair of socks.
  1. They’re practical! Neon Bandits can be worn while working out or hanging out. If your date is a coach potato or CrossFit superstar, they’re going to find a need (and love) these socks.
  1. No special instructions required. You don’t need to water your socks. And they don’t need to be dry-cleaned. Wash and dry your Neon Bandits without worry of shrinking, color bleeding or pilling. Folding (or not folding) is on you.
  1. They won’t break the bank. And, now through Valentines Day, use promo code “Flowers” to add a pair of The Meadow to your cart for just $5.
  1. They’re easy to wrap. We needn’t say anymore.

Go on and #GrabAPair for whoever this Valentines Day! And we can assure you that every order is packed with love. Feel the Neon Bandits difference.

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