Meet our Running Sock

As we have continued to grow and gain more customers, one piece of feedback that we kept hearing was the need for a performance running sock, and one that really understood a runners need. We too saw the need in the marketplace, and set-out to create something that would fit our customers need while staying true to the brand we're building as Neon Bandits. Over the past 6+ months we have been testing different materials, blends, and features to create what we believe to be an elite performance running sock.

We went through many rounds of samples by throwing them into the ultimate test scenario-- marathon training. Our co-founder (Dan) has been training for the Chicago Marathon (upcoming this weekend!), and he has been rigorously testing our prototypes on his training runs. Thanks to his feedback, in addition to some others within the running community in Boston, we are thrilled with the final product. 

Chicago Marathon

While we'll be launching this new running sock on our site in just a short while, we've developed a special one-of-a-kind sock for Dan to wear on race day this Sunday, paying homage to this renowned race. Don't want to miss out on the Neon Bandits performance running sock product drop and eager to #grabapair? Drop us a line, and we'll shoot you a quick note when the socks go live. 

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