Heartbreak Hill Running x Neon Bandits (Marathon Edition)

When it came to Boston '18, we didn't stop with Team with a Vision. As we mentioned a few months back, we partnered with with the team over at the Heartbreak Hill Running Company to develop a performance running sock. Given that the Boston Marathon is the biggest running event here in Boston, we worked with them to develop four exclusive Heartbreak Hill x Neon Bandits designs exclusive to HHRC for the race; they launched a couple of weeks back and are only available at their three retail locations and online.

The four designs that we launched with them are were designed to celebrate the famous Boston 26.2... the signature “mismatched” sock plays homage to the start and finish lines of the race- both iconic landmarks to the Boston Marathon runners. The black sock maps out the area around the starting line in Hopkinton, MA while the white sock maps out the details around the finish line in downtown Boston. 

Check out the complete collection below and be sure to #grabapair of these socks from HB before they are gone! 

Heartbreak Hill Running Company

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