Athleisure, it's Officially a Word

The next time the national spelling bee comes around, the word “athleisure” is going to be front and center, as it has officially been added to the dictionary.

And what does that mean for Neon Bandits? Well, we officially have a word to point to in the dictionary to classify ourselves. As we have mentioned many times, we have built and designed Neon Bandits to be the perfect blend between a performance sock and a lifestyle sock; if you want all of the technical details of our socks check out the below diagram.

What Makes Neon Bandits Unique

In honor of “Athleisure” now officially be part of the dictionary, here are the top three reasons we are stoked this has happened:

  • It is now only a matter of time before sweatpants are acceptable for men to wear to work on a regular basis (heck- some dress sweatpants already exist… )
  • As a society, we will be able to conserve water because we will have to do less laundry by wearing the same clothes to work, and to workout.
  • You really have zero excuse not to #grabapair.

So, next year at the spelling bee, when someone asks to use “athleisure” in a sentence, you have this in your back pocket: “Neon Bandits is an athleisure sock brand that blends performance with lifestyle.”

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and #Grabapair. 

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