Neon Bandits 2.0

It’s official: the second line of Neon Bandits has been developed and ordered with the factory. You can expect to see our Spring 2016 line mid to late winter.

What’s different about our second line? While you will have to wait and see, we will tease you and say we have new designs and new colors coming in hot. Our new line includes 4 totally fresh, bold designs, in 2 color options each. Quality, functionality and fun are still paramount to all of our socks.  For our SS16 line, we were able to listen to customer feedback on what people liked and what they wanted to see changed.

As we developed the second line with our ever talented designers, we took a look around the marketplace. We did our trend research, to see where the sock world was veering, but, as always, we really pushed ourselves to be different than what was already out there.

We are excited to share subtle hints with you as to what our second line of socks will look like so be sure to stay tuned to our blog and social media channels! 

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