Behind the Scenes at the Boston College Photo-Shoot

Neon Bandits is lucky to have some awesome campus reps, holding down campuses nationwide. This past week, we tapped into our Boston College campus rep, Osamase, to rally some of his friends and teammates (he's on the all-male step team, Sexual Chocolate) for a photo-shoot. 


Imagery is the basis for everything that we do, so having a database of content to pull from is imperative for us. We love when people send us their pictures of them wearing Neon Bandits (and we share them all the time!!), but sometimes, it's helpful to have our own internal database to pull from. Sammy typically leads the charge for photo-shoots, and starts by coordinating a photographer and drafting a shot-list, pictures that we know we want or need. From there, the shot-list grows to pictures that we would like to have and some more vague actions or ideas for shots. We often use Pinterest as an inspiration tool, because it's so visual, it's really great to use to get everyone aligned.



Once the shot-list is set, we have models and a photographer confirmed, we start to wrangle props and items we need so we're able to execute the shots. Things like signs, balls, chalk, accessories etc. are easy ways to make more "basic" pictures a little more loud, or vibrant. The Neon Bandit effect, as we like to call it, also gives us awesome artistic license to be a bit more outlandish then classic photography may allow. 


The goal of this photo-shoot? Well... we have something exciting brewing that we will announce at the end of the month. Stay-tuned via our blog and social (@NeonBandits) for that to happen, and for sneak peaks into the behind the scenes of the shoot!
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