At the end of the's about the Content

At the end of the day, for Neon Bandits, it’s all about the content on social media. Sure, followers are nice and it is always nice to get a bunch of likes on a post, but you can cheat, and pay for followers and likes, stacking the numbers to make things “look” good. But, as a marketer, you know the truth behind these inflated numbers which is why we have opted to make content the backbone to our marketing and messaging.

As a new brand in a very crowded space, our goal is to create and publish fun, relevant content that both connects with our consumers, and educates them on who Neon Bandits is and what we are about. For us, it’s important to showcase the lifestyle around Neon Bandits; our socks represent much more than a pair of socks. When you #grabapair, we’re not only selling you a pair of socks, we are selling you on joining the Neon Bandits lifestyle.  It would be easy for us to blend in with the other sock companies and just show shot after shot of our calves and socks but at the end of the day, what is so interesting about that?

When we are developing our content calendar we have a few guidelines that we keep in the back of our mind. We want posts to be on brand (for us that means fun, loud and sometimes crossing the line to be outlandish), authentic (we hate artificial content), informative (we want you to know why our socks are different from the others), and unique (hence the fun illustrations over images). If we are doing this all correctly, a consumer will be able to visit Neon Bandits on our social media platforms having never heard of us and understand what we are about.

If you consider yourself to be a Neon Bandit, tag your picture #NeonBandits and be sure to give us a follow to stay up to date on the latest and greatest goings on with us. Content is our backbone and our opportunity to educate and grow Neon Bandits so continue to follow along! And who knows, maybe we’ll even decide to feature you.

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