What is a “Neon Bandit”??

We’ve told you a bit about us (a killer brother-sister duo), and gave you the thoughts behind #GrabAPair and most recently, took you behind the scenes as we made our “sizzler” video. So now it only seems fair to take you into the thinking of our name, Neon Bandits.

To be fair, we’ve actually owned the name for quite some time. The name resonated with Dan a couple years back now and he went ahead and made it official. (A la Beyonce, “if you like it then you better put a ring on it”.) And after our eureka moment, when Dan and I realized we both wanted to make action lifestyle socks (promise, true story!) we thought about how the name could be applied to a brand. And it worked.

Neon, in nature, is rare. It is bold in color and glows in high intensities. A bandit, by definition, is one that is outlawed, doesn’t follow rules and looks to pave their own path- refusing to take direction or lead from others. When put together, a Neon Bandit becomes someone that refuses to blend-in, someone that makes bold choices and isn’t looking at the “crowd,” and doesn’t need affirmation. A Neon Bandit is someone that has the power and confidence to stand on their own.

When you break the name down like we are doing, you realize that the name Neon Bandits really defines our target customer. Our consumer is bold and takes things to the next level- wanting to stand out, jump hire, skate faster, run with more spunk, etc. And our product aims to give you the confidence to do just that.

So next time you see someone walking down the street with plain white socks, or socks that are miscast, as you’re wearing your Neon Bandits, sigh deeply, keep on moving, and try to keep your smile to yourself. You should know at this moment, you have joined a very special group of people that get it.  Neon Bandits. We are bright.




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