The making of the “Sizzler”

By now if you haven’t seen the Neon Bandit’s “sizzler”, I’ll be blunt with you, you’re missing out. We have conveniently included it here, below, for your viewing pleasure. We think it came out pretty sick, if we say so ourselves.

One of the cool things about creating this video that was unlike most things Sammy and I seem to be working on these days, is that the video came together pretty quickly. After we decided that we were going to throw our socks into the ring for the Boston Brandathon, we put our heads together and came up with a concept. And, in full disclosure, whenever Sammy and I try to brainstorm ideas together, it usually ends up in a screaming match. For this one though, we actually didn’t raise our voices.

It all started when Sammy and I were headed to a concert together. Not only do we run a business together, but we actually hang out together. On our walk over to the show, we developed the concept. Those five minutes were effective!  

We wanted to show the many ways in which Neon Bandits can be a part of your active lifestyle- skating, playing ball, running, dancing, jumping, etc. But we also knew we needed to show WHY you NEED Neon Bandits in your life- hence the intro- high white tubes are lame, wearing no socks is not an option, and don’t even getting us started on rocking below the ankle socks.

Since Sammy and I are the only ones involved in Neon Bandits, we have become pretty good at dividing and conquer. Once we had this idea down (in Sammy’s notes section of her phone), Sammy was left to run the show. My only task was selecting the sound effects and music- which was pretty fun within itself. Sammy took our ideas and story-boarded them out for our video team to make come to life.

After that was completed, Sammy found actors and coordinated the exact shots that we needed with the video team. She also got together all of the props and clothes that we needed for each shot.  And thankfully, because I am a huge sneakerhead, and have over 150 pairs of shoes, finding the right pairs for our actor (who happened to wear the same size as me) was the easy part. Fun fact (well, maybe not so fun for Sammy…) but we had planned on having a shot of someone biking in the video but Sammy’s bike got stolen right off of Comm Ave (after it had been locked) right before the shoot. So if anyone sees an eggplant colored Trek bike from 2001 around Boston knock the rider off of it and yell #GrabAPair. (Well, the latter part is a joke, but Sammy really would like her bike back.)

The entire video took a few hours (our camera man wore roller skates, which was the coolest) to film then our rock-star video team at Atomic Beard Productions made everything come to life in an amazing, 60-second way. We think that it is a masterpiece and is enough to make anyone want to #grabapair, and vote for Neon Bandits in the Brandathon. So, if you haven’t already, VOTE!

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