Mid-calf socks

How to Properly Wear Mid-Calf Socks

Believe it or not, their is a right and wrong way to rock Neon Bandits mid-calf socks. Sport the sock too high and you look like Steve Urkel, rock the sock too low and well to put it kindly you look like a loser. So what is the happy medium? Thanks for asking. 

To wear a Neon Bandit sock perfectly, follow the guide and graphic below:

  • When you are putting your socks on, pull them all the way up as high as they go.
  • Grab the middle of the sock (around your calf) and gently pull them down just a little bit so they are no longer stretched  (the key is you do not want to see any of the patterns / lettering on your sock stretch or look distorted). 
  • Wait for the compliments to roll in about how fresh your calves look.

We aren’t trying to be rocket scientists- we just want you to look good, is that too hard to ask?  

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