The Thinking Behind #Grabapair

When Sammy and I were developing a fun and unique product for Neon Bandits, we knew if we were going to have success out of the gate, we needed to have a splashy and unique campaign to launch with the socks. As with any bootstrapped  concept, we didn’t (and still don’t!) have the unlimited funds that more well established companies have. Given this, we knew we had to develop a campaign that consumers would want to share with friends—it would have to be  loud, in your face, and eye catching.

After months of brainstorming around various concepts, we thought of “Grab a Pair.” Sammy and I were actually driving together when we thought of the concept and we knew right away that we had our launch campaign, as it hit on so many levels. The double meaning had us in stitches. We knew this concept would allow us to develop fun, edgy, and engaging creative that would catch consumers eyes on social media and make them want to share it with friends.  

In addition to the visual component, we were really excited that the call to action encouaged people to join in on the fun- tag people who need to Grab a Pair, show us how you Grab a Pair, etc. This social element of the campaign was just as important to us as coming up with the right creative. As a new entrant in the marketplace, we needed to make sure our campaign encouraged our initial base of friends to expose Neon Bandits to their friends so we could have that organic buzz and reach.

Both Sammy and I are confident that the Grab a Pair concept has staying power. You will continue to see ways in which Neon Bandits uses this fun play on words to build organic buzz and raise brand awareness.

Now that you have the logic behind Grab a Pair, if you haven’t already, go on and Grab a Pair!!

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