Best Places to Flash some Calf

Spring is here. Yup, we dodged a bullet this winter (knock on wood) in the Northeast, while our friends out West in the mountains are still enjoying some fresh powder…

If you’re anything like us, since you have been cooped up in the gym all winter, we know you cannot wait to get outside, flash us some calf, and get that body ready for the summer. Whether you are headed out for a run, hike or just feel like getting some steps in (FitBit, we see you), we wanted to provide you our favorite places across the country to get a workout-in right in the great outdoors.

Known for its, um red rocks, Red Rocks Fitness in Denver will have you jumping, climbing and running stairs in the world famous Red Rocks amphitheater. As you trudge up and down the stairs, you can’t help but to take a look around and enjoy the scenery.

If you are not intimidated by people who may (or may not be) on growth hormones, check out Muscle Beach on the world famous Venice Beach just outside of Los Angeles. If you do head over, be sure to #GrabAPair first so you are showing off your calves, big-time.

And of course, as Bostonians through and through, we would be not be such "homers" if we didn’t include our favorite spot- the Charles River. Perfect for running, walking, or boating (try not to swim unless you want to get sick), the river separates Cambridge from Boston and provides a spectacular view from either side. Head down on a sunny day and the riverbanks will be packed with people dying to see some calf.

Got a favorite outdoor workout spot? Or better yet, got a shot of a pair of Neon Bandits working out with you? Send it along

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