The Reasoning Behind our Product Names

As we outlined when we launched our first line in June, we like to have meaning behind our product names. While we had some fun creating names for The Dawson, The Ozz and The Flip, it's safe to say that we had just as much fun coming up with the names for our new socks. Without further ado, the meaning behind our latest styles names: 

The Meadow- Named after where Dan started his youth basketball career, and Sammy moonlighted as a kick-ball captain, “The Meadow” is named after Dan and Sammy’s elementary school, Broadmeadow. 

The 781- In tradition of playing homage to where it all began, “The 781” is named for the 3 digit phone code of Dan and Sammy’s hometown. How does blue and gold play into this area code? None other than the Needham Rockets.

The Loop- Yup. This sock will have people doing loops around you, checking out your calves. And you should know this sock is named after Loop beach where Dan and Sammy spent many a childhood days hunting for periwinkles, fishing for hermit crabs and digging giant holes. 


The Crush- Everyone has a childhood pet that leaves a lasting memory. Dan had Crush, the best goldfish a kid could ask for, Crush. He lived to be 7 years old and swam upside down for the final 2 years of his life. This one’s for you, buddy. 

Have you ever had a goldish that swam upside down? If so, drop us a note ( and we may need to name our next sock after him or her. 

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