Go ahead, point out that one side of the sock is red and the other side is blue. While you are at it, call this sock the most innovative creation since sliced bread. Meet The Loop. 

Designed with performance and style in mind, The Loop was designed to be your ultimate all-in-one sock. This sock features:

  • A reinforced heel and toe for extra comfort while working out, or hanging out.
  • A breathable mesh strip built into the upper of the sock foot. 
  • A no-slip calf; all Neon Bandits socks features the perfect amount of elasticity to stay-put on your leg, without being too tight.
  • And if these features don’t have you sold, all Neon Bandits feature knit-it designs. This means your sock doesn’t loose its structure with multiple washes, and colors don’t fade.

So go ahead and hike up those shorts a little higher. All the attention is on your calves, anyway.


*This sock is ideally suited for those with shoe sizes between 9-12. 

*Free shipping on all orders, all the time! 

$ 13.00