The Bandit Runner

The Bandit Runner

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Designed with performance in mind, The Bandit Runner was designed to be your go-to running sock. This sock features: 
  • The perfect blend of materials, to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • A reinforced heel & toe for extra comfort and impact protection in areas that matter most. 
  • Our toe is also hand-linked-- say goodbye to rubbing at the seam. 
  • Two strips of breathable and supportive mesh.
  • A blister tab. 
  • A no-slip leg; just like all Neon Bandits socks, this sock features the perfect amount of elasticity to stay-put on your leg, without being too tight.
  • And if these features don’t have you sold, all Neon Bandits feature knit-it designs. This means your sock doesn’t loose its structure with multiple washes, and colors don’t fade.


*This sock comes in one size is ideally suited for those with shoe sizes between 9-12

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