The Splattah Holiday
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The Splattah Holiday is a mid-calf sock that is knit-in and engineered with features that provide maximum comfort, durability, and performance as seen below. So go ahead and hike up those shorts a little higher. All the attention is on your calves, anyway.


Mid calf sock

The Splattah is made from an optimal blend of 80% acrylic, 16% polyester, 2% spandex, 2% natural latex rubber.

Why are our socks acrylic-based instead of cotton or nylon? Acrylic sock fabrics are moisture-wicking and retain their shape better than cotton, preventing that dreaded slippage. They're the perfect fiber to keep your feet moisture-free and happy all day long, no matter the activity. Cotton, on the other hand, does not have moisture-wicking qualities and dampens quickly. When trapped in a shoe, this damp sock can cause a lot of discomfort (and blisters). Why not Nylon? Though durable, nylon socks aren't known for keeping feet odor-free. You and your feet get the picture. 

Fair warning you and your feet may become addicted to our socks.