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Coming up with names for our socks was one of the more challenging parts of developing Neon Bandits. Sammy and I both knew that generic names weren’t going to cut it and simply having product identifiers like “NB001” as style names, especially at the outset of building our brand, didn’t have the personality that we were going for. Being boring never jibed with who we are as a brand. As such, we went back to the basics (and not in the new “basic” way.) As I’ve mentioned, Sammy and I grew up in a close-knit family, so going back to...

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Well here we are- week three of Neon Bandits being a “real” thing. Sammy and I knew what we were getting into when we launched the business, but to actually experience the ups and downs of being in business is really something else. The unique aspect of running a business is that you are always busy and can always be doing something- whether that means social media planning, PR outreach, customer service, talking with potential customers or checking in with existing customers—it has been a busy (and great) first few weeks! We’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks....

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Last week we were lucky enough to be surrounded by friends and family at the Neon Bandits launch party at Shojo in Boston. The party was put together by our friends at Polina PR and was sponsored by Deep Eddy Vodka and Shojo. As the launch party began to fill up, Sammy and I could not help but think how lucky we are to have such supportive friends and family. As with any new venture, this close-knit network is important to have to lay the foundation for a strong brand moving forward. Some highlights of the party included an amazingly...

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When Sammy and I were developing a fun and unique product for Neon Bandits, we knew if we were going to have success out of the gate, we needed to have a splashy and unique campaign to launch with the socks. As with any bootstrapped  concept, we didn’t (and still don’t!) have the unlimited funds that more well established companies have. Given this, we knew we had to develop a campaign that consumers would want to share with friends—it would have to be  loud, in your face, and eye catching. After months of brainstorming around various concepts, we thought of...

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Plain white tube socks are boring. A thought so basic was and is the driving force behind Neon Bandits. And however simple you may think designing and producing a fun sock is… think again. And again. And again.  The Neon Bandits concept was thought up almost three years ago now, when my sister (Sammy) and I were both working in the retail field- I was working for a sports apparel company in the marketing realm and Sammy was working for a retail consulting firm, when we both came to the realization that that men didn't have a well-designed action lifestyle sock option. Bringing...

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