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Welcome to Small Business Season

Over the three plus years that Neon Bandits has been around, you’ve seen us highlight a number of custom socks that we’ve developed alongside and for other small businesses. And this holiday season, we are excited to bring you some of the socks that we have had the opportunity to develop for fellow small businesses this holiday season.

Instead of a "Small Business Saturday," consider this our Small Business Season! We hope you find a new sock design that you love and need to have, or are simply inspired to shop local and small this holiday season.

Below are some of the socks that we have had the pleasure of developing:


This holiday season, we're thrilled to be working with Boston-based boot company, Forsake. We've been big fans of these guys high quality and versatile shoes for years and have loved working alongside them to develop socks to compliment two of their newest boot color ways. 


Condesa Coffee

With a motto of “Kind People. Specialty Coffee.” we knew as soon as we started talking to these guys that their socks were going to be special. Pick up a pair of these bean-inspired socks at one of their Atlanta locations.

Ultimate Ninjas

We love working with American Ninja Warriors and our new friends at Ultimate Ninjas are no exception. With four locations in the Mid-West, they’re training the next generation of epic athletes. 

Goose Island

Though perhaps not a "small business" anymore, at one point in time, Goose Island was an independent craft brewery. And while they perhaps have grown a bit since we love how they support small businesses, like Neon Bandits!  

The Heartbreak Hill Running Company 

Our longtime partners at the Heartbreak Hill Running Company have brought in some awesome new socks for the holiday season. Be sure to check out their Christmas themed mix & match running socks, perfect for the seasons jingle runs. (Or to festive up your training runs.)

Wild Scoops

If you can believe it, ice cream in Alaska is kind of a big deal which is why we were psyched to partner with Wild Scoops on another sock design, just in time for the holidays. We agree with their motto, it's never too cold for ice cream! 

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