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By now if you haven’t seen the Neon Bandit’s “sizzler”, I’ll be blunt with you, you’re missing out. We have conveniently included it here, below, for your viewing pleasure. We think it came out pretty sick, if we say so ourselves. One of the cool things about creating this video that was unlike most things Sammy and I seem to be working on these days, is that the video came together pretty quickly. After we decided that we were going to throw our socks into the ring for the Boston Brandathon, we put our heads together and came up with...

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Believe it or not, their is a right and wrong way to rock a Neon Bandit sock. Sport the sock too high and you look like Steve Urkel, rock the sock too low and well to put it kindly you look like a loser. So what is the happy medium? Thanks for asking.  To wear a Neon Bandit sock perfectly, follow the guide and graphic below: When you are putting your socks on, pull them all the way up as high as they go Grab the middle of the sock (around your calf) and gently pull them down just a little...

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