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Learn how to properly wear mid-calf socks in this blog post.

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Showcasing the Neon Bandits lifestyle on our social channels is an important aspect of building our brand. We have been lucky enough to get some amazing pictures during our first year, and we wanted to take this opportunity to show off some of our favorites. We aren’t going to lie, choosing only a few pictures to showcase was tough! Our buddy Conner Schuh (@i.conik) stops at nothing and is risk averse both behind his camera and in life, so risking his life hanging over a building was nothing to get us the best. Conner is seriously talented, check out his full website here. Bay Area-based action sports...

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We are excited to throw our socks into the ring for the Ad Club's Brandathon in Boston. We ask that you do us all a favor and vote for us! Cast your vote by clicking here.   Check out the Neon Bandits "sizzler" video we put together for it below and #grabapair! 

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Coming up with names for our socks was one of the more challenging parts of developing Neon Bandits. Sammy and I both knew that generic names weren’t going to cut it and simply having product identifiers like “NB001” as style names, especially at the outset of building our brand, didn’t have the personality that we were going for. Being boring never jibed with who we are as a brand. As such, we went back to the basics (and not in the new “basic” way.) As I’ve mentioned, Sammy and I grew up in a close-knit family, so going back to...

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Well here we are- week three of Neon Bandits being a “real” thing. Sammy and I knew what we were getting into when we launched the business, but to actually experience the ups and downs of being in business is really something else. The unique aspect of running a business is that you are always busy and can always be doing something- whether that means social media planning, PR outreach, customer service, talking with potential customers or checking in with existing customers—it has been a busy (and great) first few weeks! We’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks....

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